Summer 2020: looking back and looking ahead

Spring semester 2020 was a unique experience for all of us. I’m proud of my students and their efforts, both mathematical and personal, under challenging circumstances.

In January I thoroughly enjoyed the Formal Methods in Mathematics/Lean Together 2020 conference at Carnegie Mellon University. It was great to present my work and I thank the organizers for the opportunity to give a contributed talk. Here is the video.

I’m happy to report that my paper “Explicit polynomial bounds on prime ideals in polynomial rings over fields” with Henry Towsner has been accepted for publication in the Pacific Journal of Mathematics (see here for the preprint).

The future looks exciting as I forge ahead with multiple projects combining algebra, computing, and logic. Some of these extend my past work in differential algebra, proof mining, and formalization, and others head in new directions. Stay tuned!

Published by wsimmons

Researcher specializing in applications of logic and algebra to computer science.

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