Steel City

I’m very happy to join the Logical Systems Lab at Carnegie Mellon here in Pittsburgh. Andre Platzer and his group do outstanding work on verified cyber-physical systems, from theory all the way to practice. It’s exciting to tackle problems in mathematical logic, algebra, and differential equations that have real-world implications for transportation, energy, and more!

Summer 2020: looking back and looking ahead

Spring semester 2020 was a unique experience for all of us. I’m proud of my students and their efforts, both mathematical and personal, under challenging circumstances. In January I thoroughly enjoyed the Formal Methods in Mathematics/Lean Together 2020 conference at Carnegie Mellon University. It was great to present my work and I thank the organizersContinue reading “Summer 2020: looking back and looking ahead”

Marker 60: Pure and Applied Model Theory

I attended a special conference in honor of my thesis adviser, Dave Marker, from Oct. 25-28 at UIC (link to conference page). The talks spanned a wide range of pure and applied model theory, including talks on effective bounds in algebra (Matthias Aschenbrenner), elimination theory for difference equations (Tom Scanlon), and many others. Happy 60th,Continue reading “Marker 60: Pure and Applied Model Theory”